Introducing the Korea Brick Party 2019

2019-04-30 22:48
Introducing the Korea Brick Party 2019

The Korea Brick Party (hereinafter called the “KBP”) is preparing for the first event in Aug 2019 for the Adult Fan of LEGO® (AFOL) and Teen Fan of LEGO® (TFOL) hosted by the KBP Office. It will be an open event for LEGO® fans in Korea as well as LEGO® fans around the World.

The KBP is an exhibition of the creations and collections of individuals, LEGO User Group (LUG), as well as comprises participant’s event to promote and sell the products on exhibition item.

KBP is an event that anyone who likes LEGO® regardless of genre can participate, and also you can enjoy a variety of amazing experiences expressed in LEGO® together.
Individuals or LUG, who love LEGO® can apply for an exhibition booth at the KBP, exhibit your LEGO® creations and collection item and communicate with the audience.

You can join through the application process, and the KPB Office welcomes volunteers and individuals, Groups and the Companies interested in sponsoring the event. For more information, please contact us

*LEGO® is trademarks of the LEGO® group.