Korea Brickparty 2020 has been canceled.

2020-07-30 18:28
I would like to inform you of your continued interest in Korea Brickparty 2020.

With the interest and love of many Lego fans, last year's Korea Brickparty 2019 was successful and we were able to wrap up with a very hopeful event.
This year's Korea Brickparty 2020 was also preparing more carefully for domestic and foreign participants.

But since February, Covid-19 has been a worldwide fandom, and it continues.

South Korea is seeking stability with an advanced medical system, thorough quarantine and public interest, but there are still cases of overseas inflow.
Therefore, for the safety and health of many people, the Korea Brickparty 2020 event was decided to be canceled.

We are obliged to cancel, but I want to make it clear that we will be able to hold a better event next year.
Despite the big social issues, thank you for your continued interest in Korea Brickparty 2020.

See you next year.